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Dark Honey and Tobacco Candle

Dark Honey and Tobacco Candle

Embark on a sensory adventure with our Black Plum and Rhubarb hand-poured soy candle, where succulent black plum meets tart rhubarb in a harmonious blend that tantalizes the senses and infuses your space with sophistication and allure. Crafted with care using premium soy wax and infused with high-quality fragrance oils, each candle is expertly poured by hand to ensure a clean, even burn, allowing you to indulge in the captivating aroma and elevate any moment with its luxurious essence.


Whether you're unwinding after a long day or creating an inviting atmosphere for guests, our Black Plum and Rhubarb candle is the perfect addition to your home decor, offering a touch of elegance and refinement that will leave a lasting impression.

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